Land Rover Testimonial Barry A.Mike and his team of talented employees were exceptional from start to finish! Mike helped me understand the quality of his process, timelines, and the exact design, engineering, and manufacturing/restoration that was involved. He met those timelines and the budget! Delivery was flawless and the vehicle is flawless, a true classic which we will enjoy for years to come.

—Barry A.

Land Rover Testimonial Paul L.After researching Land Rover Series restoration specialists both in the US and the UK, I focused in on North America Overland because of the attention to detail and their passion for staying true to the history while making limited and strategic modifications to improve the operation/safety without losing the classic sound, feel and overall Series driving experience. This turned out to be a great decision! The process with Mike, Sofie and team was fantastic and the end result was beyond my expectations. Already planning/dreaming about another project with NAO!

—Paul L.

Land Rover Testimonial Ed S.I've owned a lot of Series Land Rovers over the years. When I decided to have North America Overland restore a series vehicle I didn't know what to expect compared to what I have become used to. What an amazing vehicle. To think this is what driving a series Land Rover could be like. The work was meticulous. No detail was over looked. The dedication to authenticity was evident in every aspect. The vehicle drove better than I could have expected. The passion to turning out a first class example of what a series Land Rover should was the result of the final product. I can never go back to my old Land Rovers now.

—Ed S.

Land Rover Testimonial Ricardo RMike and the team at NAO are in the top 1% of car folks and restorers that I’ve worked with. The whole process of restoring an old Series can’t be better than the service that the team provides. They make owning what are now 50+ year old vehicles feasible and without hassle everyday. I’m looking forward to enjoying our Series for a long time and only let Mike and his team keep it running for a very very long time. Can’t think of another way of owning an old Land Rover.

—Ricardo R.

Land Rover Testimonial 1I’ve been a fan of Land Rovers since I was a kid. I’d been researching restored Land Rovers for years, initially focused on a Defender. As I researched the vehicles I fell in love with the old Series II. There are a few places across North America - around the globe, really – that rightly tackle the restoration of these trucks. I watched (via the internet) Mike Sandone and team at North America Overland slowly turn worn out husks of exhausted Series II Land Rovers into, new functional things of beauty. Rolling art, really. I finally bit the bullet and signed on with NAO. I took delivery of my Series II pick up last month and could not be happier. I’m using my truck as a daily driver and doing some light hauling with it. Everywhere I go I am greeted with big smiles and thumbs up. The love and care put into these vehicles is unmatched. I want to thank – and highly recommend – Mike, Sofie, and the whole team at North America Overland. Well done!

—Hoyt G.

1968 Land Rover Series IIA Marine BlueIt was a distinct pleasure dealing with Mike and Sofie at North America Overland. Mike has an encyclopedic Land Rover knowledge and a clear passion for Series trucks. He is extremely dedicated to perfecting his craft, and his attention to detail is second to none. I am beyond impressed with the quality of my Series IIA restoration. I doubt Solihull ever produced a truck of this caliber. Do not commission an NAO restoration if you are a shrinking violet — the number of smiles and thumbs-up my flawless marine blue Series elicits from drivers and pedestrians is unbelievable. A Sherman tank would blend in more than this Landy! Thanks again Mike and the NAO team!

—Paul M.

1973 Land Rover Series III Marine Blue Soft TopFirstly, I would like to say that I am a strong believer and supporter of NAO abilities to produce the best Land Rover Series IIA or III ever built.

Secondly, It was a real pleasure communicating with Mike during the restoration or rather the (re-manufacturing) process of my 1973 Series III who was always patient and advises the right thing for the vehicle.

Thirdly, I am recommending NAO for anyone who is interested in restoring a Series Land Rover simply because they are the best in the industry and second to none..!!!

—Mohammed AlBudoor

1966 Land Rover Series IIA Marine BlueThe process of purchasing and restoration of my 1966 Land Rover Series II with North America Overland was great because Mike always kept me in the loop with the progress on the vehicle. The knowledge that he and his team provided me with made me feel comfortable with the restoration of my vehicle every step of the way. In addition to being sent photos from the team, I was also able to check Pinterest and Instagram for updates, including a cool stop-motion video of my vehicle being built. When I placed my order for my North America Overland Land Rover, I had no idea that the vehicle would become a staple in my household and all my family activities. My son is learning to drive a stickshift, and my dog loves riding in the back seat. Our entire family has piled in the vehicle to drive around town on more than one occasion, where we get complimented to no avail on how cool the vehicle is. North America Overland made the process easy and enjoyable from start to finish, and now, my family gets to enjoy our new favorite vehicle.

—John T.

1972 Land Rover Series III Matte Tan“North America Overland (NAO), was a great surprise for me, after looking for someone for months to restore my 1972 Land Rover Series III 109" pickup , some other restorer told me about NAO and since the first call Mike was awesome. I'm from Old Mexico so it was quite a challenge to send the Landy up to Connecticut, but once I got to see and drive my restored Land Rover I got the feeling that I was driving out of the assembly line back in 1972. I have restored my share of old Jeeps and old boats, but this restoration is the best of the best, not only the restoration itself but the customer service, the updates on the work, the videos, the honest answers to all my questions and doubts. Thanks to all the crew at North America Overland, and specially to Mike Sandone, I have the drive of my life!”

—Ricardo Fuentes Milan

“I've had the pleasure of engaging North America Overland on everything from a frame-up restoration to upgrades to my 2a brakes and installing an overdrive. They get it right stand behind their work. I continue to be impressed with the results.”

—Eric Wood

“North America Overland is not only professional and knowledgeable when it comes to Land Rover restorations, but the staff is truly passionate for their trade – they indeed drive classic Land Rovers daily and support enthusiast events. Their entire process of restoration is very thorough with the first step being a dialogue about the customerʼs want/needs tempered by their vast experience of what really works, often with recommendations based upon what they have done to their own vehicles. The way forward after that can be very different depending upon final decisions, but I can attest to the fact that the final product will exceed your expectations. Restorations/improvements of this quality arenʼt cheap or expeditious (doing things the right way hardly ever is), but they are definitely worth the expense and wait. I have had no problems with my Defender 110, a total rebuild with extensive upgrades, since picking it up at their Connecticut shop, driving it home via an overland trip around the Great Lakes through Canada, and in the years since. I wholeheartedly recommend Mike and his team at North America Overland for any of your Land Rover needs. Thank you again guys!”

—Bryan Estell

“Mike and the guys at North America Overland are the best! They hand-held me through the restoration / customization process which was great, since this is my first Series Land Rover and I really didn't now what I was doing.

They are not pushy at all. Mike suggests options that you might want for your vehicle. He will answer questions about why he suggests this and give you all the pros and cons before you commit. You do not have to get everything on the list to get a great vehicle, but many of the options he offers will help you enjoy the vehicle more, and prevent issues down the road.

Mike listens to you and asks you lots of questions about what you plan on doing with the Land Rover before he starts the process. This way you get a custom-tailored vehicle that meets your needs.

I did not want a perfect over the top vehicle. I wanted something mechanically great and that looks nice. I did not want a concours restoration (don't get me wrong, I have seen those in his shop and they are beautiful). Mike was OK with that and created something that I wanted and met my budget.

I won't write a novel here but suffice it to say, they did many things and offered services I don't think I could find elsewhere.

The pictures on his web site do NOT do the finished vehicles justice. They are so much nicer in person. When I picked up my Land Rover he showed me around and I got to see several beautiful vehicles in various stages of restoration as well as completed ones too.

Mike is not all about up-selling you or getting lots of your money. All the guys at North America Overland are passionate, but Mike takes it to the next level. Ask him literally anything about Land Rovers and he knows it. Ask him to find you that obscure part, and he will find it.

Mike loves Land Rovers... it really shows by the passionate way he talks about them, and in the care that they put into creating your Land Rover. Mike gets excited about creating your land Rover and his excitement is contagious. You know that you are getting a Land Rover created by someone who could do anything, yet decided to channel his energy in creating the best Land Rovers possible.

When I decide to get another Land Rover, I will 100% go back to Mike and North America Overland.

P.S. I know I am sounding like they are the best thing since sliced bread, but truly, the entire experience was amazing!”


“Mike and Co. did a marvelous job on my Costa Rica imported 1976 88" which I had completely dissembled. I spent a great deal of time gathering all new parts and lost steam close to the finish line. From a smattering of boxes of parts and a rolling new chassis they produced a wonderful specimen. Their attention to detail, knowledge of these British beauties, and a true passion for perfection came together in the form of "Roy". An absolute pleasure! Thank you guys.”

—Dave Ferrin

“North America Overland is the place to have your Land Rover taken care of. Mike has been able to make owning an old Land Rover fun, and enjoyable. We have had our 109 updated, and upgraded over the years. I would highly recommend them for your Land Rover needs, and to have a reliable daily driver.”

—John Almstead

1974 Land Rover Series III Expedition Package“North America Overland is the most knowledgeable restoration company for Land Rovers that exists. Their attention to detail is second to none. No project is too large or too small. The result is a vehicle that looks like it rolled off the assembly line but with all the modifications we wanted. Great job Mike and team! Feel free to use me as a reference anytime.”

—Wann Robinson

“Mike and the team are amazing. From start to finish they were available to speak as needed and their work and knowledge is second to none. I wouldn't use anyone else!”

—Brad Berggren

“Highly recommended for serious restorations of Series Land Rovers. These guys have a second to none attention to detail and they know what they are doing. I can count the number of people I trust to refurbish my 1967 IIA on one hand and these guys are definitely among those.”

—Dave Ambrose

“Four years ago I bought a 1964 Land Rover and quickly discovered I was in way over my head. When you buy a vehicle that's over 50 years old, you quickly discover that previous owners tried to repair things and they probably shouldn't have. Mike and the crew at NAO assured me that they would find every problem and refurbish my truck with genuine parts. I was impressed by their attention to detail and how Mike walked me through the entire process NAO has a passion for these vehicle and it clearly shows in the finished product. I've been driving a safe and reliable head turner ever since. Thank you!”

—Ed Micola

1964 Land Rover Series IIA Marine Blue“North America Overland performed a restoration of a 1964 Series IIA over the course of the past 15 months, with me taking delivery in October 2019. The process was totally transparent, the quality of the workmanship to the highest standard, and the final product exceeded my expectations. Mike Sandone was excellent to work with, open to entertaining any question, and responding to any inquiry by email, telephone or text in a timely fashion. I recommend this company without reservation for anyone interested in acquiring a beautifully restored period Land Rover.”

—James Stone

“Mike and his team are skilled, professional, and approachable. They transformed my ‘84 Defender 90 into an object of beauty, utility and admiration, and a reliable transporter of dogs, sheep, and people.”

—Georgina Scholl

“Mike and his team worked with me to mechanically restore my 1969 Series IIA. Very professional and organized through the entire process. I would highly recommend them for any Series or Defender Land Rover project.”

—Jeremy Parden

1960 Land Rover Series II 109 inch pickup“Mike Sandone of North America Overland is like an artist who reinvents his world every time he rolls a vehicle out of that beautiful barn in Monroe, CT. Plus, dealing with Mike is a dream, he is among the few who have more passion for Land Rovers than do the owners.”

—P. MacGill

“I highly recommend Mike Sandone of North America Overland to do work on ANY Series Land Rover in ANY condition! Why?, because I've owned three Series Land Rovers over a period of 41 years and have had my share of challenges with these "special beasts" and therefore have learned a "thing or two". First, when you're "non-mechanical" such as myself, always, always have a good mechanic available and close by. Second, since I was never able to satisfy lesson one (at least for 39 years), search until you find that person! Well, I found that person a few years back in Mike Sandone. Affordable, reliable, knowledgeable, thoughtful, attentive to detail, and a great communicator describes just some of his attributes. Hands down, "The best mechanic I've ever had, period!!" ”

—Dr. Fred Bader

“Mike Sandone has a great business at North America Overland. I'm a veteran off-roader and rock crawler, owning a few Jeeps in my day and formerly running the Nutmeg State 4x4 off-road club. I purchased a '62 Series IIa (88") last October and have been enjoying it as a 3 or 4 day a week commuting toy. As for the pilot, it took a little time to get used to the Series Land Rover thing. It is not a modern Jeep and surely not a rock crawler but it is fun to drive and it has way more character than most anything else on the road. Mike has a method of restoring the mechanicals while preserving the patina (character of the vintage vehicle) making his product exotically attractive and reliable.”

—Doug Sciullo

“I searched quite a while for someone to refurbish my 94 D90. Mike Sandone instantly impressed me with his demeanor, expertise and philosophy. Dedicated to Land Rover authenticity and absolute perfection with attention to the most minute detail, he and his crew labored over my vehicle for about ten months. It's always nice when the product you wait so patiently for comes out better than you could ever have imagined.”

So pleased.

—David Goodkind, MD

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