1974 Land Rover Series III NAO Expedition Package

This 1974 Land Rover Series III is being restored with our NAO Expedition package. The truck will be used in British Columbia at a very remote camp and will see rough conditions on a regular basis.

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This Land Rover Series III NAO Expedition Package is ready for a full restoration.

This 1974 Series III is in for a full restoration.

The truck was in an accident previously.

The truck was in an accident at some point, here you can see where the frame is bent.

The right door of the truck is pushed back.

The right door post is pushed back. You can see the gap between the fender and the bulkhead.

An original Land Rover 2.25 engine.

The truck has its original 2.25 engine.

Really bad door gaps.

Here you can see the really bad door gaps because of the bent frame.

The door top overlapping windshield frame.

The door top is actually overlapping the windshield frame.

20,000 original miles interior.

With only 20,000 original miles the interior appeared to be in good condition.

More damage is uncovered.

Now that the rover is coming apart, we are noticing more and more parts that were damaged during the accident.

Badly buckled bulkhead.

The bulkhead is badly buckled.

Removing a Land Rover body.

The body is removed.

Rotted dash of the Series III.

The dash is completely rotted out.

Kinked bulkhead.

The bulkhead was twisted so badly in the accident that it was kinked all the way back behind the dash.

NAO Expedition Tan painted wheels by North America Overland.

Five new 16" x 5.5" wheels are painted in NAO Expedition Tan.

Painted backs.

Here you can see the backs of the parts are painted to the same standard as the fronts.

The tub was stripped then repainted.

The tub was stripped and repainted.

Under body supports are galvanized then installed.

Galvanized under body supports are installed. The galvanized coating will prevent galvanic corrosion from taking hold.

The tub bottom is painted to the same standard as the tub top.

The bottom of the tub is painted to the same standard as the top.

Replacement bulkhead for Land Rover.

A replacement bulkhead was sourced as the original bulkhead was badly twisted.

R. Whitehosue and Son rebuilt Land Rover transmission.

The rebuilt transmission.

Turner Engineering 2.25

A rebuilt 2.25 is being assembled.

Rear axle installed on parabolic springs shown here.

The rear axle is installed on parabolic springs.

High torque starter.

A high torque starter is installed.

Motor for Land Rover Series III is dropped into the frame.

The motor is dropped into the frame and the transmission was mated to it.

Assembling the bulkhead.

The bulkhead is being assembled.

Installation of Michelin XZL tires.

Michelin XZL tires and steel wheels are installed.

Disc brake conversion using all Land Rover Defender parts.

The disc brake conversion is complete.

Rolling chassis is complete.

The completed rolling chassis.

NAO Expedition Tan painted on Land Rover body.

The body is painted in NAO Expedition Tan. The rear tub is installed first.

New hardware used.

All new hardware is used throughout.

Land Rover Series III seat belt brackets.

These are the seat belt brackets that were only used on Series IIIs. Galvanic corrosion is a big issue where the steel touches the aluminum quarter panel. We have every bracket under the Land Rover galvanized so that the quarter panels will never be eaten away by corrosion like so many others have.

Galvanized cappings.

The freshly galvanized cappings are riveted to the tub. The galvanizing is really shiny now but in a few months will dull to a mellow gray.

NAS Defender style swing away tailgate.

The Series III will have an NAS Defender style swing away tailgate.

Land Rover doors installed.

The door alignment is done. Now the doors can be removed so that the interior can be assembled.

NOS dash.

A NOS dash is installed.

NADA lights are installed.

The NADA lights are installed.

Grab handles re-galvanized and original reflectors installed.

The grab handles were regalvanized and fastened with galvanized hardware. The original reflectors are installed.

Installation of swing away tailgate.

The swing away tailgate is installed.

Yaseu brand ham radio installed in center console made by Tuffy.

Yaesu ham radio is installed in the Tuffy center console.

For the gas cap, a locking hasp is installed.

A locking hasp is installed for the gas cap.

Gauge bezels repainted while the dash is installed.

The gauge bezels are repainted and the dash is installed.

In addition to the factory style load bat mat, a High Lift jack is mounted.

The High Lift jack is mounted under the passenger side jump seat and a new factory style load bay mat is added.

To the swing out rear door, a check strap is installed.

A check strap is added to the swing out rear door. The jack securing pins are tethered on chains so they do not get lost when the jack is in use.

The ham radio antenna is mounted.

The interior is being assembled.

This is the wiring for the ham radio. It is designed to be easily removed. We also used rivnuts to mount the center console so it can be removed in minutes in case the transmission or overdrive ever needs to be serviced.

A five gallon NATO jerry can wood spout has been added to the tailgate.

Inside is an axe and shovel mounted to the bulkhead.

Hudson Bay axe and Carters shovel galvanized.

These tools are ready to use in a moment's notice by simply loosening the two wingnuts. The mount is galvanized for rust prevention and for a factory appearance when installed on the capping. The mount can also accept a padlock. The shovel is manufactured in the UK by Carters and is what they call their "expedition shovel". It is specifically designed for digging underneath tires and in cramped situations. The British military mounts this shovel on their Land Rovers. The axe is a Hudson Bay axe which is shorter than a full size felling axe. This is a convenient size for pairing together with the Carters shovel. The axe is manufactured in the USA by Snow and Neally. We removed the shovel's head and had it galvanized which will likely prove more durable than paint with hard use.

Skin riveted to galvanized fram with hammer rivets.

The hood is had its skin riveted to the galvanized frame with hammer rivets.

Warn 8274 winch with Pangolin bumper.

This is a Warn 8274 winch installed in a Pangolin bumper.

Galvanized rock sliders.

Galvanized rock sliders have been installed that have holes to receive the high lift jack with an adaptor fitted. This will make jacking up the side of the truck much safer and easier.

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Tech support is included in the NAO Expedition Package. If the owner were to have a mechanical issue in the back country, we could walk him/her through how to install replacement parts. We supply the tools, spares and supplies in the Land Rover so we can effectively advise on a repair.

Series III 16

The toolkit supplied with the NAO Expedition Package.