1969 Land Rover Series IIa Marine Blue

This 1969 Land Rover Series IIa will be receiving a full restoration as well as many of the options from our NAO Expedition Package.




1969 Land Rover Series IIa Marine Blue before restoration.

This 1969 Series IIa is ready for a full restoration.

Under the skin, this Land Rover has rust and corrosion.

Even though the Land Rover looks to be in good condition, under the skin lurks lots of rust and corrosion.

The tear down begins.

The tear down begins...

Removal of the body.

The body is removed.

Completely rotted out frame.

The frame is completely rotted out.

Time to disassemble the bulkhead.

The bulkhead is ready for disassembly.

Parabolic spring galvanized frame.

The galvanized frame is being assembled with parabolic springs.

Rebuilt swivels with swivel balls, bearings and bushings.

The swivels have been rebuilt with new swivel balls, bearings and bushings. A differential guard is welded to the front axle.

Warn 8274 winch.

A Warn 8274 winch is installed in a Pangolin bumper with factory recovery points.

Land Rover Series IIa with Series III transmission.

The Series IIa originally came with a transmission with an unsynchronized first and second gear. We have installed a Series III transmission that is fully synchronized.

Galvanized under body supports.

The tub has been repainted. Galvanized under body supports are now installed.


Stainless steel gas tank.

A high lift jack is added to the bed.

High torque starter.

The bulkhead is installed and the doors are now being aligned.

The wiring harness is installed.

An overdrive from Global Roamer is installed.

The seatbox is being prepped for installation.

You can see how straight these fenders are.