1985 Land Rover 110 NAO Expedition Package

We have recently completed restoration on this 1985 Land Rover Defender 110 and it is now up for sale! This is NAO-005, our fifth NAO Expedition Package Land Rover. Please view the photos below and feel free to ask questions.


About the Land Rover
This is a 1985 Land Rover Defender 110 2 door hardtop completely restored by North America Overland. The Land Rover has under 200 miles on it since restoration, and is now ready for the next owner to drive and enjoy. The 300tdi is the last of Land Rover's mechanically injected diesels with the reliable Bosch injection system. The frame is the original unit with the original VIN stamped in it but it has been galvanized for rust resistance. Like all of our restorations, this Land Rover is built with the highest attention to detail. The hard top is removable and we can install a soft top for summer driving if so desired.

The bulkhead was sandblasted and has had new floor panels welded in. The roof has a new factory sunroof and alpine windows. The body parts were stripped got bare metal and painted inside and out in NAO Expedition Matte Tan. The body was then assembled using all new hardware. The new rear tub has been modified with a bulkhead removal bar to allow the seats to travel farther back, making the seating position more comfortable for drivers over six feet tall. The vehicle has our full galvanizing package. The front and rear door hinges have been replaced with genuine Land Rover rust resistant door hinges. For convenience we have keyed all the doors to open with the ignition key. The rear of the Land Rover has a badge with NAO-005 stamped in it as this is the 5th NAO Expedition Package Land Rover we have built.

The engine is a 300tdi 2.5 liter direct injection turbo diesel that has been completely rebuilt. The main advantage of this motor is its simplicity, it only requires one wire to the fuel solenoid to run. We have added an Allipsort Turbo. Although not as powerful as a 4.6 V8, the 300tdi has enough horsepower to propel the 110 down the highway at a reasonable speed. Another benefit of the 300tdi is that almost every part is still available from Land Rover, this cannot be said about the older diesel engines. The cooling system was also completely replaced and we have installed a stainless steel exhaust system.

Transmission and Transfer Case
The transmission is the Land Rover R380 5 speed rebuilt by Ashcroft Transmissions LTD in the UK, one of the premier rebuilders of Land Rover transmissions. The transmission has a high ratio fifth gear to help it travel at highway speeds. The transfer case was also rebuilt by Ashcroft and has their one-piece, high-strength cross shaft and cross drilled input gear to improve the strength and longevity of the unit. The clutch hydraulic system was completely replaced. The transmission shifts smoothly making the Land Rover a pleasure to drive.

Axles and Suspension
The weak original 10 spline front differential was replaced with a rebuilt 24 spline unit. The swivel assemblies were rebuilt with new bearings and seals and were shimmed to the correct preload. The rear axle is a brand new 110 "Puma" unit. All suspension bushings have been replaced. The springs are genuine Land Rover heavy duty units damped with Koni Heavy Track adjustable shocks. Rubber spring isolators are used in the front to reduce vibration and harshness. A new rear sway bar has been added to improve handling at highway speeds. The spring seats and shock towers were galvanized as well.

The frame is in above average condition. We replaced the rear crossmember and made some minor repairs to the outriggers and then galvanized it.

The interior was completely restored but kept as simple and original as possible. The front seats are brand new genuine Land Rover "Puma" seats in Mondus cloth. The rear seats are "Puma" Mondus cloth fold-and-tumble seats. These seats fold up onto the wheel wells when not in use leaving a full 6' load bay. When in use, a small walkway between the seats makes for easy ingress and egress. Both front and rear seats have new Defender shoulder harnesses. The front floors have thick rubber acoustic matting and there is a thick rubber mat in the rear as well. A center console provides lockable storage, and has cup holders. The interior is topped off with a genuine Land Rover headliner.

The steering system has been completely rebuilt. The Land Rover has been aligned and steers effortlessly.

We have upgraded the brake system to the later style Defender system. All new rust-resistant brake lines and stainless braided brake hoses were installed. A late 2000s brake pedal box was sourced to allow use of a new, larger brake booster and late model master cylinder. The result is a safe and efficient brake system.

The entire electrical system was replaced. A new wiring harness was sourced from Autosparks in the UK. The gauges were replaced with new VDO units that are much more accurate and reliable than the original gauges, they have better back lighting too. The speedometer was also replaced with a new VDO electric speedometer that has been gps calibrated. The headlights were upgraded to LED, a huge improvement over the original sealed beam lights. The turn signals, parking lights, brake lights, and reverse lights have all been upgraded to LED lights as well.

Fuel System
The Land Rover's fuel system has been completely restored. The fuel tank has been replaced and is protected by a heavy-duty aluminum skidplate.

Tires and Wheels
Goodyear Duratrac tires were selected in the stock tire size: 235 85 16 and are mounted to Wolf wheels.

This is a good opportunity to own a Defender 110 fully restored by North America Overland. It would make a great daily driver or remove the hardtop for summer use! The Land Rover was built with long term ownership in mind and with correct care and maintenance it will last a lifetime and provide many wonderful memories and experiences.


1985 Land Rover NAO Expedition Package fully restored.

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1985 Land Rover For Sale 31


1985 Land Rover For Sale 31


1985 Land Rover For Sale 31


1985 Land Rover For Sale 31


1985 Land Rover For Sale 31

Specs for 1985 Land Rover 110


  • Land Rover Series 110


  • Completely rebuilt long block by center auto
  • Valve job on head and pressure tested
  • New power steering pump
  • New vacuum pump
  • Allisport variable vane turbo
  • New motor mounts
  • New alternator
  • New water pump
  • New fan clutch
  • New radiator
  • New intercooler
  • New timing belt
  • New thermostat
  • New radiator hoses
  • New coolant expansion tank
  • New serpentine belt
  • New serpentine belt tensioner
  • New air cleaner assembly
  • New intercooler hoses
  • New stainless steel exhaust system
  • New glow plugs

Transmission and Transfer Case

  • Ashcroft rebuilt R380 transmission with larger main bearings and high ratio 5th gear
  • Rebuilt 1.4:1 transfer case with one piece heavy duty differential cross pin
  • New AP clutch
  • New heavy duty clutch fork
  • New clutch push rod
  • New clutch master cylinder
  • New clutch hose
  • New clutch slave cylinder
  • New clutch master cylinder to slave cylinder steel line
  • New shift knobs
  • New heavy duty wide angle front driveshaft
  • New rear driveshaft
  • New transmission mounts


  • Original matching numbers frame galvanized
  • New rear crossmember
  • Galvanized transmission cross member


  • 24 spline front differential
  • Rebuilt swivel assemblies
  • New swivel seals
  • New wheel bearings
  • New hub seals
  • New Wolf rear axle
  • Galvanized front differential guard


  • New heavy duty springs
  • New control arm bushings
  • Front rubber spring isolators
  • New rear ball joint
  • New rear sway bar links
  • New rear sway bar bushings
  • New panhard rod bushing
  • Galvanized spring seats
  • Galvanized shock towers
  • Koni Heavy Track adjustable shocks


  • Body panels painted both sides in NAO Expedition Tan
  • New rear body
  • Bulkhead sandblasted, all rust repaired and seamsealed
  • New front door shells
  • New front outer fenders
  • New rear galvanized steel door
  • New seat box
  • Galvanized under seat boxes
  • New door weatherstripping
  • All under body supports and brackets galvanized
  • New vent flap weatherstripping
  • New bulkhead to windshield frame seal
  • New windshield
  • New windshield gasket
  • New corrosion resistant front door hinges
  • New galvanized door hinge hardware
  • New rear corrosion resistant door hinges
  • All doors keyed to open with ignition key
  • New fender flares
  • New grille badge
  • New grille decal
  • New headlamp bezels
  • New grille
  • New heater air intake grille
  • Galvanized door sills
  • New heater
  • Body assembled with factory sealed rivets
  • Galvanized front inner fenders
  • New rear bumperettes (galvanized and powder coated)
  • New rock sliders with tree bars (galvanized and powder coated)
  • New genuine Land Rover sunroof


  • New genuine Land Rover cloth seats
  • New acoustic matting on floors, seat box and bulkhead
  • New rubber mat in load bay
  • New headliner
  • New dash binnacle and support
  • New front and rear door panels
  • New Tuffy locking center console
  • Bulkhead removal bar (allows seats to move back further)
  • New seat belts


  • Heavy duty high clearance track rod
  • New tie rod ends
  • Rebuilt steering box
  • New steering box drop arm
  • New power steering hoses


  • New AP calipers for vented rotor
  • New vented rotors
  • New brake pads
  • New brake lines
  • New stainless braided brake hoses
  • New brake master cylinder (later type)
  • New brake booster (later type)
  • New brake pedal box (later type)
  • Factory disc brake rear axles


  • New Odyssey battery
  • New body wiring harness
  • New engine wiring harness
  • New wiring harness grommets
  • New headlight pigtails
  • New Hella headlights
  • New LED parking lights, turn signals and taillights
  • New reverse lights
  • New electronic VDO speedometer calibrated to tire size
  • New VDO oil pressure gauge
  • New VDO fuel gauge
  • New VDO coolant temperature gauge
  • New VDO voltage gauge
  • New heater switch
  • New turn signal switch assembly
  • New wiper switch assembly
  • New headlight switch
  • New hazard light switch
  • Hella horns

Fuel System

  • New fuel tank
  • New fuel level sending unit
  • New fuel filter assembly
  • New fuel lift pump
  • Rebuilt injection pump
  • Rebuilt injectors

Tires and wheels

  • Five new 235 85 16 Goodyear Duratrac tires
  • Five heavy duty wheels
  • New valve stems