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Try to imagine a vehicle: sophisticated in style yet mechanically simple. A vehicle preferred by royalty and farmers alike. A vehicle that has carried explorers to the far corners of the world. Surely the only vehicle that comes to mind is the Land Rover.

Owning a vintage Land Rover is in and of itself an adventure, it will engage you as a driver in ways modern cars cannot. It will make you rediscover driving just for the joy of driving, both on and off road. Only a Land Rover can slog down muddy trails and then be driven to the most prestigious social function and not be the least bit out of place in either setting. However, most Land Rovers have already led long and interesting lives and are well past their prime. The good news is that we can take these tired Land Rovers and rebuild them into vehicles that are safe and reliable without sacrificing a single bit of their charm and character.

Land Rover Left Blinker Fully Restored Land Rover
Land Rover Series II Interior
To many, the Land Rover Series 88” is the most beautiful Land Rover ever created. With its balanced proportions, clean straight lines and honest construction it has achieved an aesthetic perfection lacking in modern vehicles. The aluminum body panels, painted in pleasing muted colors, are punctuated by the dull metallic hue of galvanized steel and bright aluminum rivets. The Series Land Rover is a vehicle worthy of restoration and seeing one come back to life piece by piece is a great experience in and of itself. Our mission is to create Land Rovers that are as aesthetically close to original as possible but with improvements to safety, reliability and comfort — because after all, these vehicles are not just there to look good — they are meant to be driven!

It’s more than a vehicle, it’s a lifestyle.

Land Rover Faschia Red
New Haven Wedding in Land Rover
Working on Land Rover Series engine
Land Rover Series II in the Grass

How Our Restoration Process Works

Please watch this brief video to learn how our Land Rover restoration process works. We will walk you through each phase of the project and answer many frequently asked questions.

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